The Chairman’s Message

The cultural significance of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque emanates from the lofty and noble messages the founding father aspired would guide the generations towards a decent life where everyone coexists peacefully and where civilizations connect to survive and flourish. The mosque's unique architecture that blends different architectural styles and designs inspired by the rich realms of Islamic art and architecture further adds to its cultural significance. The mosque's leading position among the world's religious, cultural, and tourist establishments manifests through its influential role in peace and cultural coexistence forums. This role includes highlighting the uniqueness, comprehensiveness, and diversity of the Islamic culture and its openness and interaction with various world cultures through the language of tolerance.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque exceeded its function as a place of worship where religious rituals and prayers are performed; to assume an active cultural and civic role in promoting and upholding the United Arab Emirate's message of coexistence, peace, and cohesion amongst various cultures of the world.

H.E. Abdul Rahman bin Mohammad Al Owais
Chairman of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre's Board of Trustees