Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque The Founder's dream

The late founder of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan aspired to build a mosque personifying the moderation of Islam. This vision became a reality with the construction of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world and a prominent landmark in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. The first considerations to build the Mosque began in the late 1980s, and construction began on November 5th, 1996, and it opened for worship on Eid Al Adha 2007.

The Grand Mosque is a living reference of modern Islamic architecture that combines features and elements from various cultures across the Islamic civilization through its exquisite aesthetic and unique collections that have become the world's focus. While it also reflects the forward-looking vision of the founder, who sought for the Mosque to become a prominent religious and cultural edifice, and a platform that promotes notions of tolerance and cross-cultural communication. A vision also pursued by our leadership and embodied through the Mosque's position as a leading attraction for visitors from all over the world, firmly on the world tourist map.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque attracts millions of visitors from all walks of life who blend in harmony within a framework of noble values that emanate from the tolerant nature of the Islamic religion, and which are an essential part of the principles and values ingrained in Emirati society.

Through offering a system of services and programs that cater to the needs of a broad segment of worshippers and visitors, the Centre has secured its position among the world's top three popular attractions for years in a row, according to TripAdvisor's 'Travellers Choice Awards. Several award forums also recognized the Centre's accomplishments.

The Mosque was built on an elevated land that rises about 10 meters, on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, with a total area of more than 555,000 square meters and can accommodate about 55,000 worshippers.

The construction of the grand Mosque took approximately 11 years and its design and construction 'unites the world,' using artisans, craftsmen, and materials from many countries, including Italy, Germany, Morocco, India, Turkey, China, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Greece and of course the United Arab Emirates. More than 3,000 workers and 38 contraction companies participated in the Mosque construction!