The Minarets

The minarets of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque are its tallest architectural feature, rising to about 107 meters from the four corners of the courtyard. Their design reflects the diversity and comprehensiveness of the mosque's architectural style inspired by various Islamic architectural designs from different eras.

The minarets are composed of several square, octagonal, and circular layers, adorned with distinctive sign features such as balconies, gilded finishes, spiral grids, and abundant cornices.

In the past, the minaret performed many historical functions. However, its primary function was to provide a high place for the muezzin ( caller to prayer) to raise the call to prayer. Nowadays, through modern technology, the call to prayer is raised from the minarets of mosques by loudspeakers.

It is worth mentioning that the word minaret comes from the Arabic word (manāra), meaning a beacon or a lighthouse, indicative of mosques leading in spreading knowledge and sciences across the Islamic eras.