The Al Noor Foyer

Floral vines climb and curl in elegant patterns on the walls, creating a beautiful semblance of living plants, and the flowers on the floor are species found in the Arabian Gulf, like Blue Plumbago and Field Gladiolus. Inspired by an image of a botanical garden, Kevin Dean designed the main and east foyers with flowers that grow in the Middle East and the side North and South entrances with species from the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The floral patterns and designs decorating these foyers welcome visitors from all walks of life with a reminder of home.

In creating the floral patterns of the main and east foyer walls, the artisans used the relief technique, and that's why the flowers are in 3D shapes. Beautiful colored marble from over 37 countries adorns the floors and walls of the foyer, where all marble work was done by the Italian company Fantini Mosaici.

The dome in this foyer is one of the Mosque's large domes, decorated with Moroccan plasterwork reinforced with fiberglass. Its designs feature traditional Islamic arabesque, and the Arabic calligraphy on this dome is a verse from the Holy Qur'an taken from the Chapter or Surat, Ar-Rahman (the Merciful). This particular calligraphy style is known as Naskh. Each dome is designed with different verses and in different Arabic calligraphies: Naskh, Kufic, and Thuluth."