The Chandeliers

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque houses 7 chandeliers that blend in harmony with its unique design and the esthetics of Islamic art and architecture that catch the eye of visitors from all over the world as three huge crystal chandeliers suspend from the three domes inside the main prayer hall , similar in design, with the largest in the middle, in addition to four smaller chandeliers distributed in the VIP foyer, the Floral foyer and the two side foyers of the main hall.

The design is inspired by the date palm tree, where the trunk is the cylindrical part of the chandelier, the fronds are the corresponding parts in a concave shape, and the colored globes are the dates or the fruits of the date palm trees, suggesting the noble values which the UAE society embodies such as authenticity generosity, and giving instilled by the late founding father for generations.

The chandeliers design features Islamic and floral designs, with most of the medallions located underneath ,as a reflection of them on the carpet. For example, look up at one of the chandeliers. See how the circular arabesque design comes to a central point. There, crystals hang like droplets of color, ready to splash onto the medallion design of the carpet below.

The largest chandeliers in the mosque are located in the main hall and are 12 m in diameter, 15.5m in height, with 15,500 LEDs. As for the other smaller versions of the same design, located in the main prayer hall, each weigh 8 tons and are 12.5 m in height and 7 m in diameter, with 9,500 LEDs.

The mosque also includes chandeliers that are 4.5 m in diameter and 6.5 m in height, weighing 2 tons with 1,200 LEDs.

Stainless steel gilded with 24-carat galvanized gold was used to manufacture the chandeliers, The panels of the chandeliers' are inlaid with Swarovski crystals, while the number of green, red, and yellow crystal balls used in the design are about 40 million pieces; which add a unique aesthetic touch to the entire prayer hall.