The month of Ramadan

Ramadan, at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, an array of cultural scenes

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre devotes all energies and its full potential to the Ramadan annual project, one of the significant projects held throughout the year.

An ongoing project that consistently moves from one stage to another. With the elapsing of one season of the holy month, the preparation for the next season commences, taking steady steps towards continuous improvement and development. The preparations start with the project study, moving on to the development of plans and coordination with the cooperating parties, and from it to the implementation stage of its omnibus plans, programs, and initiatives that are executed on the ground by a group of qualified specialists in various fields, within an integrated system that allows the Centre to annually receive crowds of worshippers and visitors during the holy month ensuring it reaches a maximum level of readiness to accommodate the remarkable increase in the flow of worshipers and visitors in line with its dedication to providing them with the highest level of services and best facilities, befitting the grand mosques leading status.